by Alita Arifiana Anisa my sister . . .

too much..

it’s too fast to happened..

it’s too difficult to understand..

it’s too hard to shared..

but it’s really impossible to be forgottten..

nothing to say…

just something like a hope to get something i can’t define..

just like an illogical wishes i want to beg..

i’m speechless…

i can’t found the best words to describe..

maybe “nice to have u”

is the best statement to say…but, just believe me that is much more than it..

much more meaningful and wealth..

..lee is confused..

ps: just forget it if u want..


About Shandy E.Putra

hidup itu ga usah dibikin pusing, bikin kalem aja... hidup cuma sekali jadi nikmatilah hidupmu.......

5 responses »

  1. hah???apa iniii???saya ga mudhengg…hahaha….

  2. re-alitha berkata:

    waaaaaahh..isin 😀

  3. shandy berkata:

    hahaha kenapa?

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